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New study sheds light on “unknown unknowns” in Uintah Basin, Utah

One of the most-read posts on the blog is the disturbing story of the town of Vernal and the Uintah BasinĀ in eastern Utah, where decades of oil and gas exploration have led to terrifying public health problems, and the prospects … Continue reading

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From time to time we talk about Donald Rumsfeld’s concept of “unknown unknowns,” the things we don’t know that we don’t know. When we look at oil and gas drilling in people’s back yards, which has become common since the … Continue reading

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New scientific study shows fracking is strongly related to infant mortality

A new scientific study published this week in the Journal of Environmental Protection shows, for the first time, a clear correlation between fracking and the death of newborn infants.

The study showed that infant deaths decreased by 2.4% across the state during the period of the fracking boom from 2007-2010. However, in the 82,558 births in the 10 most-fracked counties, there was a significant increase in mortality (238 vs. 193, a 23.3% increase). These results are statistically significant at a 95% level of confidence.

According to the authors, that means 50 babies died over three years because they happened to be born near a fracked well. Stunning.

What’s more, the greatest increases in death occurred in counties with the highest dependence on private water wells, and in the counties with the greatest number of operator violations of wastewater disposal regulations.

This is a very important study for rural Montanans in areas where fracking is likely. They depend on private wells for precious water, they live in a state that is lax in protecting landowners, and the company most likely to come in and drill is a serial polluter with a track record of violations in the very counties in Pennsylvania that were studied.

To read more, click the link. Continue reading

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Milestone: Preserve the Beartooth Front passes 100,000 hits

Sometime this week the 100,000th reader will drop in here at Preserve the Beartooth Front. To me this is an amazing accomplishment, one I never imagined when I started writing about oil and gas fifteen months ago. This site began … Continue reading

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Oil and gas: 10 lessons for 2015

2014 was a tumultuous year along the Beartooth Front. It began with our communities reeling from an announcement by Energy Corporation of America that the company planned to bring “a little bit of the Bakken” here, a quick drilling permit … Continue reading

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If you missed the call on health impacts of oil and gas drilling it was my fault. But have no fear — you can listen below

Must have been daylight savings time or something. Sincere apologies to those of you who tried to get into the learning call regarding the science of health impacts. I had the time wrong, and you were an hour late. Have … Continue reading

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Don’t miss out: Presentation on health impacts of oil and gas drilling today at Noon. Presentations included.

A reminder about a great learning opportunity available today at Noon. Three experts will be describing the state of the science on the health implications of fracking.The event is offered by the Collaborative on Health and the Environment (CHE), a … Continue reading

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More new evidence of public health risk at drilling sites all over the United States (with awesome diagram of chemical health effects)

The evidence documenting the dangers to community health from oil and gas drilling continues to mount. As the shale revolution brings industrial production areas into communities all over the country, more and more people are exposed to increasingly well-documented health … Continue reading

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We’re fracking in the dark. We need to know what we’ll find out when the light comes on.

We have frequently written about “unknown unknowns” — the long-term impacts of oil and gas drilling that we cannot anticipate. These include health impacts, water contamination, impacts on global warming, and so on. Drilling proponents often belittle these concerns, and … Continue reading

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A personal story: Helen Ricker, Poplar, Montana

Telling personal stories The oil and gas boom has been underway for a number of years in many locations across the country, and there are now a lot of stories about individuals and families whose lives have been personally affected. … Continue reading

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