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10 questions for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump on energy and climate change

We have now been through four debates in this election cycle — three for president and one for vice president — and there has not been a single question posed to either candidate on energy and climate change.

At Preserve the Beartooth Front, we believe that this is the key issue facing the United States over the next 20-30 years. It is central not only to energy policy, but to economic development, national security, immigration, infrastructure, and much more.

It is deeply concerning that these issues have not taken center stage in the campaign. Failure to debate them publicly lessens our chances of coming to consensus about a course of action that will enable the US to become an effective leader in reducing the impacts of climate change, and to transform our economy to take advantage of the dramatic shifts in energy technology that will occur in the coming decades.

We have tracked the candidates’ positions on energy and climate change for over a year, and have many questions we would pose to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump if we had the chance. Here are ten. Continue reading

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Time for the Montana Board of Oil and Gas to act on fracking chemical disclosure

Last week a coalition of environmental organizations, landowners and public health advocates petitioned the Montana Board of Oil and Gas Conservation (BOGC) to provide broader public disclosure of information about the chemicals used in fracking.

The proposals are common sense reforms that would protect landowners from potential harm. As Katherine O’Brien, the Earthjustice attorney who drafted the petition on behalf of the coalition put it, “Montanans have the right to know what is being pumped into the ground around their homes, farms, and ranches.”

While the Montana press has reacted favorably to the proposed changes, the oil and gas industry opposes the changes, citing their oft-repeated and always incorrect mantra, “Fracking is safe.”

The Board of Oil and Gas needs to take this opportunity to protect Montana’s residents.

To read more, click the link. Continue reading

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Third edition of fracking compendium includes over 100 new studies on the risks of fracking

The third edition of the Compendium of Scientific \, Medical, and Media Findings Demonstrating Risks and Harms of Fracking was released this week. It is the third edition of the compendium released in the last fifteen months.

The reason is that there is now a flood of research on the subject. According to the report, over half of all peer-reviewed literature on the dangers of fracking has been published since January, 2014; the new edition includes over 100 new studies.

The results are compelling. We now have data on the risks of fracking to water, air, and human health that cannot be ignored by responsible lawmakers.

Click to read more and download the compendium. Continue reading

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Watch Josh Fox’s new short film, Gaswork: The Fight for C.J.’s Law, here

Josh Fox, the creator of Gasland and Gasland 2, has released a new 46-minute film on the dangers of fracking jobs. The film is entitled Gaswork: The Fight for C.J.’s Law.

One of the great benefits of oil and gas drilling, according to its proponents, is the creation of new jobs in the communities where fracking occurs. But, according to Fox, many of these jobs are extremely dangerous, exposing workers to chemicals with unknown long-term impacts on human health. The fatality rate of oil field jobs in seven times greater than the national average.

Fox’s new film investigates worker safety and chemical risk. It follows Charlotte Bevins in her fight for CJ’s law, a bill to protect workers named for her brother CJ Bevins, who died at a drilling site.

Click to read the rest of this post and watch the entire film. Continue reading

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Action Alert: Your voice is needed to put strong Montana setback rules into place

Montana currently has no setback requirements that require many distances between wellheads and occupied dwellings or water sources. Your voice is needed to tell the Montana Board of Oil and Gas that it is time to protect Montana citizens. Continue reading

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Pennsylvania trade secret rule in jeopardy, thanks to one committed physician

We’ve often discussed how state laws are tilted in favor of oil and gas companies, but some laws are so outrageous they need to be held up to special public scrutiny. When such laws are passed, it becomes a civic … Continue reading

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Oil and gas: 10 lessons for 2015

2014 was a tumultuous year along the Beartooth Front. It began with our communities reeling from an announcement by Energy Corporation of America that the company planned to bring “a little bit of the Bakken” here, a quick drilling permit … Continue reading

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The precautionary principle and the science behind the New York hydraulic fracturing ban

Last week’s decision by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to ban high volume hydraulic fracturing for shale gas development has sent shock waves throughout the country. It is the first time a state government has issued a ban on fracking … Continue reading

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Evidence of the “endless war” the oil and gas industry is fighting against local communities

Over the last several months we’ve looked at evidence that demonstrates how the oil and gas industry operates in secret to keep the public from understanding the dangers inherent in the Shale Revolution. As new technologies and techniques bring those risks closer … Continue reading

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Oil drilling and smoking: the precautionary priniciple

“Your throat protection against irritation against cough” Smoking and public health For those of you old enough to remember, learning to smoke used to be pretty much like learning to drive. It was just something you did as a teenager … Continue reading

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