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Who pays for infrastructure? You do. The case of Sidney, Montana

Yesterday’s post was about infrastructure, roads and taxes. The basic argument was: Infrastructure costs go up as oil and gas drilling expands. Because the benefits or drilling — corporate profits, jobs, increase in the supply of oil — are distributed … Continue reading

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Betting on 21-85-16. Playing lotto with our future

There’s a project being developed down in Louisiana that you probably don’t know about. It’s being put together by a company you’ve probably never heard of. Time to sit up and take notice, because the State of Louisiana is playing … Continue reading

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The impact of truck traffic associated with fracking in rural areas

One issue we’ve touched on several times is how oil and gas drilling increases the flow of traffic, and the problems this causes in rural areas. A single well can require 400-800 or more truck trips, and wells are frequently … Continue reading

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The two parties in Congress agree about one thing: they don’t care about us

There’s bipartisanship on drilling in Washington. Who knew? I don’t usually pay too much attention to what is going on at the federal level with regard to oil and gas drilling. I looked at the impact of oil and gas … Continue reading

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Running on Fumes in North Dakota

I got a number of personal responses to my op ed in yesterday’s Gazette, many of them supportive, some not so much. Thanks to all who sent me supportive notes. The not-so-supportive ones tended to fall into three general categories: … Continue reading

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Don’t Bakken the Beartooths

Fans of Breaking Bad no doubt appreciated the irony when Walter White of Lockwood was recently sentenced to 12 years for his part in a conspiracy to distribute methamphetamines in the Bakken oil fields. But his conviction was not part … Continue reading

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Don’t ‘Bakkenize’ Montana’s Beartooth Front

I’d like to reprint a guest editorial from the November 27, 2013 Billings Gazette. It’s written by Deborah Muth, Chair of the Carbon County Resource Council and Charles Sangmeister, President of the Stillwater Protection Association. The editorial was a response … Continue reading

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Where is Montana’s “man on the moon” leader?

In 1961 President Kennedy announced the US would put a man on the moon within a decade. The power of this vision, and the resources that accompanied it, enabled Neil Armstrong to take “one giant leap for mankind” eight years later.

In Hawaii, visionary leadership by Governor David Ige has led Hawaii to pass legislation that mandates that the state’s power grid must deliver 100 percent renewable electricity by the end of 2045, just 30 years away.

Where is that leadership in Montana? While state agencies are doing everything they can to protect the fossil fuel industry, our leaders happily promote an “all of the above strategy” that fails to explain how the state will transition from coal, oil and gas to renewables over time. We need man on the moon leaders who will put a stake in the ground saying what Montana will look like in 20, 30, or 50 years.

The means ruffling feathers. That means offending Big Oil and Big Coal. That means having a grown up conversation within the state about the future of energy.

We need a “man on the moon” leader to step forward. Continue reading

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Lee newspapers decide to stop covering state government. Here’s what you can do about it

“Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.” -Thomas Jefferson Lee Enterprises closes Helena bureau In a shocking … Continue reading

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Montana Petroleum Forum at the Elks in Red Lodge, January 30

On January 30 there will be a panel on issues regarding petroleum exploration and development in Montana, at the Elks Lodge in Red Lodge from 6-8pm. The panel, sponsored by The Elks, will present on geological studies in Carbon County, … Continue reading

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