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The EPA is not testing to see if injection fluids are contaminating our water. We need to take responsibility for doing it ourselves.

Your tax dollars at work… Last month the federal Government Accounting Agency released a report on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) program to protect underground water sources from the injection of fluids associated with oil and gas drilling. If you’re a … Continue reading

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The state of Montana provides insufficient regulatory support for water testing. See for yourself.

We have discussed water testing at length on this blog. It is a critical component for communities in preparing for oil and gas drilling. Simply put, if you don’t do baseline testing — testing the state of your water before … Continue reading

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Don’t miss it — water testing seminar in Red Lodge, June 5 at 7pm

Many people ask what they can do to protect their property from potential oil drilling in the area. My response is always to do everything they can to make sure their water is protected. The single most important way to … Continue reading

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Mayflies, wastewater and the health of our natural water sources

The life of the mayfly is one of nature’s amazing stories. They spend their first three years under water in the larval stage, and then emerge for a quick but eventful run as adults, with wings and reproductive organs but … Continue reading

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The four ways hydraulic fracturing contaminates water

For over a decade, oil and gas executives and the policy makers who support them have repeated a single bold claim: there has never been a single documented case where fracking contaminated groundwater. Well, if you repeat a lie often enough … Continue reading

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Video: The effects of oil and gas drilling on water quality

On Tuesday I posted a reader’s report from last week’s water testing seminar in Lewistown. This video lecture looks at the issue of water from a different standpoint: what we know and don’t know about the risks to water quality created … Continue reading

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Report from the water testing seminar in Lewistown

A reader attended the water testing seminar in Lewistown last Wednesday and provided a detailed report of the proceedings. His report was an eye opener for me. My key takeaways: It is absolutely essential for landowners to do baseline water … Continue reading

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If you are a landowner who depends on a private water supply, you should be paying attention to the current discussion regarding the expansion of drilling along the Beartooth Front. Acting now to protect your water and your rights can … Continue reading

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Montana coalition sues BOGC over fracking chemical disclosure

A coalition of Montana property owners, public health advocates, and conservation groups today filed a legal challenge to the Montana Board of Oil and Gas Conservation (BOGC), which refused last September to grant the public greater access to information about the chemicals used in fracking.

Many chemicals used in fracking are toxic or carcinogenic to humans, who may be exposed to the chemicals through surface spills of fracking fluids, groundwater contamination, and chemical releases into the air. As we often show on this site, numerous studies have documented adverse health effects in people who live or use water wells near fracking operations.

In 2011 the BOGC put rules in place regarding chemical disclosure. These rules have two major shortcomings:

1. They allow oil and gas operators to withhold the identities of specific chemicals they use for fracking from the Board and the public until after fracking occurs.

2. Even after fracking occurs, operators may continue to withhold the identity of any fracking chemical information they claim is a trade secret. They can do this, according to the rules, without providing any evidence demonstrating that withheld chemical information actually qualifies as a trade secret under state law and with no oversight by the BOGC.

To read more about the lawsuit, click the link. Continue reading

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How the Trump Administration is quietly stripping away environmental protections

While Donald Trump’s tweets make the cable news channels salivate on a daily basis, the outrage provides cover for the real work that the Administration is doing to strip away important environmental protections.

Make no mistake about it — Trump and company have done everything they can to roll back environmental protections that have been established over many decades. This has been done primarily through rulemaking and other administrative procedures, which are generally ignored by cable news but can have a huge impact. Continue reading

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