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The state of Oklahoma would rather pray for oilfields than regulate them

Sometimes items show up in my mailbox that I have a hard time believing. But the oil and gas industry often defie belief, and today’s item gave me pause.

Seems Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin has issued an executive proclamation designating October 13 as Oilfield Prayer Day.

I sure hope the good Lord doesn’t send down one of his earthquakes this Thursday. Continue reading

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A new documentary glorifies a historic and endangered way of life in Stillwater County

A friend sent along something this week that really brought home to me how disturbing it is to imagine uncontrolled oil drilling along the Beartooth Front. Regular readers will recall discussions we’ve had about the lease of BLM minerals in the … Continue reading

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What does David Letterman’s retirement mean to the Beartooth Front?

This is a blog about oil and gas drilling along the Beartooth Front, so we tend to be a little light on entertainment news. But it’s Friday and this has been a busy week, so today we’re going to take a … Continue reading

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How a small town changed fracking in New York state, a powerful video

Dryden: The small town that changed the fracking game Status of bans/moratoria in New York      (click to enlarge) Yesterday we told the personal story of Helen Slottje, who took on the oil and gas industry in New York, and whose … Continue reading

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A personal story: Kip Gardner, Carroll County, Ohio (with video)

“It’s disappointing that private corporate interests can trump my rights as a landowner. I’m worried that I’ll be forced into an undesirable lease that does not protect my land or my ability to farm in the future,” -Kip Gardner Telling … Continue reading

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Two videos illustrate the conflict between fracking and a rural way of life

Today we have two videos that provide sobering food for thought. The two together run 37 minutes, and watching them will provide important perspective on how oil and gas drilling transforms the lives of rural communities. The first video is one … Continue reading

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Video: Big Oil and Bad Air on the Texas Prairie

Powerful reports today on the relationship between oil and gas drilling in Texas and air pollution. First, a joint report by the Center for Public Integrity, the Weather Channel and Inside Climate News: Deep in the heart of South Texas, … Continue reading

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Does fracking cause earthquakes? (Hint: yes)

Earthquakes. Mere mention of the word sends people on all sides of the fracking argument into a frenzy. Fracking proponents say without equivocation that there is no link between drilling and earthquakes. The most vehement fracking opponents scream “earthquake!” and … Continue reading

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Video: The effects of oil and gas drilling on water quality

On Tuesday I posted a reader’s report from last week’s water testing seminar in Lewistown. This video lecture looks at the issue of water from a different standpoint: what we know and don’t know about the risks to water quality created … Continue reading

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Video: The Ethics of Fracking

A new film by Scott Cannon of the Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition in Pennsylvania. This film isn’t what I expected when I first sat down to watch it. It has an anti-fracking point of view, but it’s not a polemic. … Continue reading

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