Montana Environmental Information Center

I checked out the Montana Environmental Information Center, the organization that Sam mentioned. Here’s there fracking page, where you can also sign up for information updates in the upper right corner.

The news on the page about legislation isn’t so great. We’re going to have to get to work:

How Fracking is Regulated in Montana

The practice of fracking is largely unregulated at the federal level. Fracking was exempted from the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) through the so-called “Halliburton Amendment,” a product of Dick Cheney’s vice-presidential Energy Task Force. However, the Energy Policy Act of 2005 requires regulation of fracking operations under SDWA if diesel fuel is used as a fracking fluid additive. As of Fall 2011, the U.S. EPA was studying the implementation of diesel fracking rules, although many operators consider diesel fuel to be substandard compared to other additives for many frack operations.

During the 2011 Montana legislative session, there were several proposals to increase the regulation of fracking in Montana, but they were all tabled in committee at the request of the industry. In August 2011 the BOGC adopted a fracking fluid disclosure rule. This rule was aimed at protecting public health by making the contents of fracking fluid known to the public and interested parties for review. Although the rule is a step forward in disclosure, it is inadequate. Importantly, it does not require prior notification for adjacent landowners of well fracking. This is important because landowners need to have adequate time to obtain baseline water testing. The rule also contains a very broad trade-secret exemption that allows the industry to keep the chemical concentrations and mixtures a secret.

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