Video: The Ethics of Fracking

A new film by Scott Cannon of the Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition in Pennsylvania.

This film isn’t what I expected when I first sat down to watch it. It has an anti-fracking point of view, but it’s not a polemic. If you’re not familiar with fracking it lays out a number of issues and explores them from an ethical point of view. The narrators are multi-faith religious leaders, an engineer and a Congressman.

It’s lengthy (about 37 minutes) and I found myself rushing through some of the moral and religious discussions, but it does lay out key issues related to fracking and explores them in depth. If you want to know more about fracking and the arguments pro and con, it’s a reasonable way to go about it.

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

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The Moses family has lived on the Stillwater River since 1974, when George and Lucile Moses retired and moved to the Beehive from the Twin Cities. They’re gone now, but their four daughters (pictured at left, on the Beehive) and their families continue to spend time there, and have grown to love the area. This blog started as an email chain to keep the family informed about the threat of increased fracking activity in the area, but the desire to inform and get involved led to the creation of this blog.
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6 Responses to Video: The Ethics of Fracking

  1. No Fracking says:

    David: Good blog. Can you put in your blog the link directly to the YouTube video you cite in your blog? As far as I can tell, here’s the link…


  2. Griffin, Harry says:


    Just got back from out of town. I look forward to viewing this. Please keep me on your email list. And I appreciate your good work.



  3. Thank you for reviewing my film. I did go as far to contact an acquaintance in the Marcellus Shale Coalition, a big pro gas promotion organization to find a person to interview who was pro gas and worked in the industry. I gave them a list of questions I would ask, but after two attempts of internal email campaigns, no one responded.

    • Carlos X says:

      Scott, you sound so surprised . . . ? How about forwarding your list of questions to David or me so we can use them here on the Terminally Evasive??

  4. Carlos X says:

    “Ethics of Fracking”, indeed. Try: “Ethics of the Jungle”: The potential profit gets the gloves off quickly. As the EPA’s precipitous withdrawal of its findings in Pavillion WY and North Texas, the frackers ARE the government. This country is about two gas tank-fulls away from revolution and the federal government knows it.

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