More on water testing education, in person and online

Adam Sigler of Montana State Extension will lead the seminar

Adam Sigler of Montana State Extension will lead the seminar

Water testing seminar in Red Lodge
Don’t forget to register for the water testing seminar in Red Lodge on Thursday, June 5, at the Carbon County Fairgrounds at 7:00 pm. The event is jointly sponsored by the Carbon County Resource Council and Montana State University Extension.

You need to RSVP by today at 406-962-3522 to guarantee yourself a spot.

Please come if you can, and share this notice with your friends and neighbors. More on the seminar here, and notes from an attendee at a previous seminar in Lewistown here.

Online seminars
There’s nothing like attending in person, since you can talk to other landowners and get your questions answered, but if you can’t make it to Red Lodge you may want to consider taking a seminar online.

I don’t have personal experience with this one, but it’s the most promising one I could find online. It’s offered by, and called Testing Your Well Water in Proximity to Hydraulic Fracturing. The seminar is offered on June 11 at 11:00am Mountain.

Dr Robert Puls will lead the online seminar

Dr Robert Puls will lead the  online seminar

From the website:
Presenter: Dr. Robert Puls is Director of the Oklahoma Water Survey and Associate Professor in the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences at the University of Oklahoma. He was employed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) in Ada, Oklahoma for almost 25 years at the Ground Water and Ecosystems Restoration Division of the National Risk Management Research Laboratory. He was the Technical Lead for the ongoing National USEPA Study on Hydraulic Fracturing and Drinking Water Resources prior to his retirement in early 2012.

In this webinar, you will learn guidelines for conducting 1) baseline testing of your well water before hydraulic fracturing activity begins, and 2) post-hydraulic fracturing water testing. You also will learn the basics of the hydraulic fracturing process, including chemicals used, and how various states are approaching well water testing in relation to hydraulic fracturing.

You can register for the seminar here. There is no charge.

There are a number of other online lessons on the site related to well ownership.

Water is a precious resource. Protect yours.
Take the time to learn about baseline testing.

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