Alert! Energy Corporation of America plans to frack Belfry well

According to documents filed with the Montana Board of Oil and Gas (BOGC), Energy Corporation of America appears to be planning to hydraulically fracture the Hunt Creek   1-H well in Belfry.

Here is a photo of the BOGC database search result. You can find it yourself by clicking on the photo and searching under operator or the API number in the photo.

ECA notification

According to BOGC rules, a 48 hour notice is required before fracking can occur, as follows:

(2)  For wildcat or exploratory wells or when the operator is unable to determine that hydraulic fracturing, acidizing, or other chemical treatment will be done to complete the well, the operator must submit a notice of intent to stimulate or chemically treat a well on Form No. 2 prior to commencing such activities provided that:
(a)  the written information describing the fracturing, acidizing, or other chemical treatment must be provided to the board’s staff at least 48 hours before commencement of well stimulation activities.

The notice was filed on July 7, which means they can frack any time.

The notice is an “intent to perforate.” Such a notice is filed when there is an intent to stimulate the shale formation using hydraulic fracturing. Before hydraulic fracturing can occur, the casing is perforated within the target zones that contain oil or gas, so that when the fracturing fluid is injected into the well it flows through the perforations into the target zones. This is typically done with explosives. When the explosives are detonated, holes are blasted through pipe, cement, and shale. Through these holes, fracturing fluid can flow into the shale. Fracking is typically completed in stages and during each successive stage, fracking fluid – large quantities of water mixed onsite with sand and other chemicals – is pumped into the well at high pressures to create and deepen fractures in the rock formation.

According to local residents, there is a new large well head at the site.

If there ever was a wake up call, this is it. It’s time for action.

Previous post on the well, and history of activity.

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