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Gas flaring is dangerous to our health and environment. There’s one way to stop it. Locally.

Gas flaring, the deliberate open-air burning of natural gas, is a practice common in the largest shale oil plays where natural gas is a byproduct of oil extraction. There are some legitimate reasons to allow limited use of flaring. After a shale oil/gas … Continue reading

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A personal story: the Mogen family, Douglas, Wyoming

“The noise was thunderous. It shook our walls. It shook our vehicles as we drove by. You couldn’t have open windows when you drove by the flares.”                                   -Kristi Mogen Telling personal storiesThe oil and gas boom has been underway … Continue reading

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Fracking News from California and I Find Out About Flaring

20 top climate scientists have called on California Governor Jerry Brown to ban fracking in California.  Article here. Actual letter here. It’s an impressive group of scientists, and the environmental argument is pretty simple: “If what we’re trying to do … Continue reading

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