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The oil market just gets worse and worse.

From time to time we check in on the state of the oil industry to determine whether we are approaching a time when it might become profitable to drill along the Beartooth Front. We’re far from it. As of the close of business on Monday, the price of oil touched a seven-year low as active rig counts dropped to their lowest levels since 2010, and gas prices in the area stayed at low levels.

This means that nobody is going to be drilling along the Beartooth Front very soon. And we should all be aware that when the oil companies come knocking with promises of economic growth and plenty of jobs, that promise is only as good as an oil market that we have no control of.

What we can control are the terms under which oil and gas operators do business when the market changes. Continue reading

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Checking in on the price of gas, oil, and declining rig counts

Locally, landowners trying to manage the impact of the boom-and-bust oil industry on their communities remain hard at work. They seek to regulate oil and gas drilling locally to protect not only their land and water, but the generations-old way of life in their communities. Continue reading

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The price of oil: drilling will continue for now, but we need to keep our eyes on the future

The price of oil has collapsed since fall. One result is the steep decline of the price of gas at the pump. When I first looked at falling prices on November 10, the pump price was $2.97 in Red Lodge … Continue reading

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Oil prices continue to fall: why it is happening and what it means

Cheap gas The price of gas continues to fall. Three weeks ago I noted that gas was at $2.99 in Colum- bus and Red Lodge, and speculated on what falling oil prices might mean to oil drilling along the Beartooth … Continue reading

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Falling gas prices and the uncertain future of the Shale Boom

Who’d have guessed it? Gas prices under $3.00. That’s what you pay these days in Red Lodge and Columbus. Great news, right? Maybe not for Energy Corporation of America and other companies that have plans to bring “a little bit … Continue reading

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