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Update: Letter to BLM regarding Beartooth Front lease parcel

Many thanks for the substantial response to the request earlier this week for letters to the BLM regarding oil leasing of a large parcel on the Wyoming side of the Beartooth Front. At least 15 people indicated, either here or … Continue reading

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More new evidence of public health risk at drilling sites all over the United States (with awesome diagram of chemical health effects)

The evidence documenting the dangers to community health from oil and gas drilling continues to mount. As the shale revolution brings industrial production areas into communities all over the country, more and more people are exposed to increasingly well-documented health … Continue reading

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A personal story: Deb Thomas, Beartooth Front, Wyoming

Our latest personal story comes from the Preserve the Beartooth Front video. The finished version of the video will be posted on this site next Wednesday, July 23. To whet your appetite, the subject of today’s personal story was one of … Continue reading

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More on federal loopholes: how the Clean Air Act enables polluters in Wyoming (audio)

On Monday we looked at how successful the oil and gas industry has been in obtaining exemptions from major federal environmental legislation. This has real consequences for local communities, and from time to time we’re going to look at specific … Continue reading

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