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Interview: The Gas Patch with John Fenton

I have a number of topics percolating, but I wanted to share this video that found its way to my mailbox today. It’s an interview with John Fenton of Pavilion, Wyoming about his experiences with the oil and gas industry and how they have changed his life, first for worse and then, in a transformational sense, for the better.

We’ve written about John in the past. We’ve described his personal story and how politics has trumped science in Pavilion, and encouraged you to attend an event in Red Lodge at which he spoke.

But we can’t do justice to John’s story the way he can. The video is an eighteen minute description of the events that changed his life. I can’t recommend it enough to those who live in communities where oil and gas drilling is being considered. It is sobering and hopeful, and perhaps it will spur you to action. Continue reading

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Tuesday, January 20 in Red Lodge: screening of Backyard, plus panel of well-known environmental activists from Wyoming and Montana

Backyard screening and panel discussion An interesting and timely event coming up this Tuesday, January 20 at the Pollard Hotel in Red Lodge at 7pm — a screening of the short documentary film Backyard by Bozeman filmmaker Deia Schlosberg, and … Continue reading

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More new evidence of public health risk at drilling sites all over the United States (with awesome diagram of chemical health effects)

The evidence documenting the dangers to community health from oil and gas drilling continues to mount. As the shale revolution brings industrial production areas into communities all over the country, more and more people are exposed to increasingly well-documented health … Continue reading

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Study complete; Wyoming officials to meet with Pavillion residents on Thursday, June 12

The train wreck of an investigation into water contamination in Pavillion, Wyoming will take another lurch¬†forward on Thursday when State officials meet with Pavillion residents to discuss¬†the results of a long-awaited study on the cause of the contamination. Officials say … Continue reading

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Pavillion, Wyoming: politics trumps science, citizens suffer

The town of Pavillion, Wyoming is in many ways unremarkable. It sits southeast of Yellowstone Park, just 200 miles due south of Red Lodge. The 2010 census puts its population at 231 in 95 households. But Pavillion sits at the … Continue reading

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More on federal loopholes: how the Clean Air Act enables polluters in Wyoming (audio)

On Monday we looked at how successful the oil and gas industry has been in obtaining exemptions from major federal environmental legislation. This has real consequences for local communities, and from time to time we’re going to look at specific … Continue reading

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A personal story: John Fenton, Pavillion, Wyoming (audio and video)

“We have really no power, no control of them coming or over what they do, where they do it or when they do it so you know it was a pretty rude awakening for us.” -John Fenton, Pavillion, Wyoming Telling … Continue reading

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