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Beartooth landowners file motion for summary judgment in zoning lawsuit

Beartooth Front landowners last week filed the critical brief in their lawsuit against the Stillwater County Commissioners. It outlines their argument for why landowners alone, without the approval of minerals owners, should be able to establish a citizen-initiated zoning district. The argument lies at the heart of a central tension in Montana law: the self-determination of landowners to decide what happens on their own property vs. the importance of mineral extraction to the state economy.

Assuming there are no extensions, the County will have 21 days to respond, and then the landowners will have 14 days to reply. That will put the end of briefings in early October. Our attorney has asked for a hearing on the motion, and we are hopeful that Judge Jones will conduct the hearing and issue a ruling on our motion before the end of the year.

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Comments on ECA presentation at Carbon County Commission, 9/8/14: Part 1

The video of Monday’s Carbon County Commission meeting is very revealing and worth looking at in detail. I’m going to do three posts commenting on Energy Corporation of America’s (ECA) presentation at the meeting, providing my interpretation of what was … Continue reading

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American Petroleum Institute “Good Neighbor” Guidelines sound nice, but have little relationship to reality

The American Petroleum Institute (API) this week issued its first-ever set of “good neighbor” standards for oil and gas developers. API Director of Standards David Miller said, “the API’s community engagement guidelines will serve as a gold standard for good … Continue reading

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Billings Gazette Guest Opinion: Mary E Fitzpatrick

Good neighbor agreements take 2 sides Reprinted from the April 27, 2014 edition of the Billings Gazette by Mary E Fitzpatrick Thanks, Gazette editorial board (Getting along with Beartooth neighbors, April 3), for highlighting a solution that could resolve community … Continue reading

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Billings Gazette: Guest Opinion by David Katz

The following op ed appeared in the January 13 Billings Gazette under my byline: Guest opinion: Citizens can make difference in Beartooth development  By DAVID KATZ A Jan. 3 guest opinion paints a gloomy picture of the inevitability of oil … Continue reading

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