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We now have comprehensive data on how much water is required to frack wells. It’s probably more than we have

A new database looks at water usage for every one of the 263,859 oil and gas well drilled in the United States from 2000-2014. This data shows that most wells drilled in Montana are horizontally fracked and that water usage per well is increasing.

Meanwhile, drought conditions throughout the West and in parts of Montana make fresh water increasingly scarce. Along the Beartooth Front, the Stillwater and Clarks Fork Yellowstone basins are particularly dry.

When ECA announced plans to drill 50 wells along the Front, we estimate that it would require 130 million gallons of water to drill them all. Where would this water come from? Continue reading

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Reducing the risk in oil and gas drilling

One of the half-truths that fracking proponents like to put forward¬†is, “There’s nothing new about fracking. It’s proven technology that’s been around for over half a century.” That’s true — as far as it goes. What they fail to say … Continue reading

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