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We now have comprehensive data on how much water is required to frack wells. It’s probably more than we have

A new database looks at water usage for every one of the 263,859 oil and gas well drilled in the United States from 2000-2014. This data shows that most wells drilled in Montana are horizontally fracked and that water usage per well is increasing.

Meanwhile, drought conditions throughout the West and in parts of Montana make fresh water increasingly scarce. Along the Beartooth Front, the Stillwater and Clarks Fork Yellowstone basins are particularly dry.

When ECA announced plans to drill 50 wells along the Front, we estimate that it would require 130 million gallons of water to drill them all. Where would this water come from? Continue reading

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The four ways hydraulic fracturing contaminates water

For over a decade, oil and gas executives and the policy makers who support them have repeated a single bold claim: there has never been a single documented case where fracking contaminated groundwater. Well, if you repeat a lie often enough … Continue reading

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Video: The effects of oil and gas drilling on water quality

On Tuesday I posted a reader’s report from last week’s water testing seminar in Lewistown. This video lecture looks at the issue of water from a different standpoint: what we know and don’t know about the risks to water quality created … Continue reading

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Act now to protect your water

If you are a landowner who depends on a private water supply, you should be paying attention to the current discussion regarding the expansion of drilling along the Beartooth Front. Acting now to protect your water and your rights can … Continue reading

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New study on fracking provides key lessons for local action

A newly released study on national attitudes toward fracking received a lot of coverage in the press, but newspapers don’t have the space or staff to go very deep into analysis. They reported only the top line information on the … Continue reading

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Open letter from Dr. David E. Christensen

I try to provide as much analysis as I can on this blog, but from time to time I repost letters, comments, and blog entries that I think are worthwhile. The following is an open letter to the Illinois Department … Continue reading

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The toxins used in oil and gas drilling

Because the federal government has chosen not to regulate fracking and states are just beginning to step up to regulation, energy companies are not required to reveal the chemicals they use in the hydraulic fracturing process. Until disclosure requirements change, … Continue reading

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Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Contamination

It’s frustrating to try to figure out what the deal is on the relationship between hydraulic fracturing and water contamination. Fracking proponents will tell you unequivocally that “there’s still no evidence of hydraulic fracturing fluids migrating from depth to contaminate … Continue reading

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Fracking Homework

If you’re planning to attend the Carbon County Resource Council meeting in Red Lodge on December 4 or if you just want to do some quick homework about the community impacts of hydraulic fracturing (fracking), I recommend that you download … Continue reading

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