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The state of Oklahoma would rather pray for oilfields than regulate them

Sometimes items show up in my mailbox that I have a hard time believing. But the oil and gas industry often defie belief, and today’s item gave me pause.

Seems Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin has issued an executive proclamation designating October 13 as Oilfield Prayer Day.

I sure hope the good Lord doesn’t send down one of his earthquakes this Thursday. Continue reading

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Beware: The oil and gas industry has a national game plan to limit local regulation of drilling

Oklahoma has a problem with man-made earthquakes caused by injection wells associated with fracking. You’ve read it on this site many times, most recently on Monday of this week, and Oklahoma’s elected leaders have publicly admitted this is true. So … Continue reading

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Update: Fracking causes earthquakes (with video)

A couple of weeks ago I looked at the relationship between wastewater injection wells associated with hydraulic fracturing and earthquakes and concluded that not only is there overwhelming scientific evidence of a relationship, but man-made earthquakes related to fracking have … Continue reading

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