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Tell Senator Tester what you think about Trump’s cabinet nominees

Senator Jon Tester has launched a portal on his web site to gather opinions from Montanans about President-elect Trump’s appointees.

It is important for you to speak up. Tester will be a minority voice in the Senate, and he needs to understand how Montanans feel about the need to block appointees who represent the interests of Big Oil, who deny climate change, and who seek alliances with our enemies.

Since we focus on energy and climate change on this site, these are the appointees we are most concerned about (with link to Tester portal). Continue reading

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Announcing the second Rex Tillerson Fracking Hypocrite Award

We here at Preserve the Beartooth Front are pleased to announce the second recipient — co-recipients actually — of the Rex Tillerson Fracking Hypocrite Award. The Award is a 160-foot water tower, engraved with Rex Tillerson’s photo, delivered to the … Continue reading

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An open letter from Lou Allstadt to Rex Tillerson

From time to time this blog reposts articles and letters that are relevant to our topic. Rex Tillerson: an icon of hypocrisy Today we have a powerful open letter from Louis Allstadt to Preserve the Beartooth Front icon Rex Tillerson. … Continue reading

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Rex Tillerson admits humans cause climate change; Steve Daines doesn’t get the message

“The good thing about science is that it’s true whether you believe in it or not.” –Neil deGrasse Tyson Rex Tillerson When Rex Tillerson speaks, this blog listens. Rex is pretty much an icon around here. He’s the namesake of … Continue reading

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