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This is Life with Lisa Ling: Filthy Rich (video)

I’ve been accumulating some information about the Bakken, so this is the first of a few posts on the subject. The posts will have more to do with the impacts of an oil society on communities rather than specific oil and gas issues.

Lisa Ling is a CNN reporter who hosts This is Life, a series of video-magazine stories that take her on a “gritty, breathtaking journey to the far corners of America.” One episode is entitled “Filthy Rich,” and it deals with the life of women in the Bakken.

The first part of her story chronicles the lives of some of the few women who have been brave enough to come to Williston to seek their fortunes. Their stories are inspiring. They are tough. They learn to deal with intolerable housing, tremendous social pressure and numbing isolation, and, for the few who can stick it out, they are able to find high-paying jobs in service industries, in the oil fields, and in transport.

But the second half of the episode deals with the flip side of the stories of those strong women, and it is frightening. The trafficking industry is a substantial part of life around the oilfields, and the stories of who they are and how they got to the Bakken will make you angry.

Click to watch the episode. Continue reading

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A personal story: Michelle Thomas, Williston, North Dakota

“A lot of single people are having difficulty.” -Michelle Thomas Telling personal storiesThe oil and gas boom has been underway for a number of years in many locations across North America, and there are now a lot of stories about … Continue reading

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A personal story: Steve and Jacki Schilke, Williston Basin, North Dakota

“I have gone from living in an agricultural community to living in an industrial area.”                               -Jacki Schilke Telling personal storiesThe oil and gas boom has … Continue reading

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A personal story: Linda Monson, Yellowstone River southwest of Williston, North Dakota

“When this first happened, it pretty much consumed my life. Now I don’t even want to think about it.” -Linda Monson Telling personal stories The oil and gas boom has been underway for a number of years in many locations … Continue reading

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Who booms and who busts when drilling expands along the Beartooth front?

You may have seen the recent study that showed that rents in the Bakken are higher than anywhere else in the country. It’s amazing to see what a one-bedroom apartment costs, with Williston and Dickinson way ahead of Boston, New … Continue reading

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Article on Williston, ND in The Week

From The Week magazine, 10/19/2013 North Dakota: Trouble in boomtown North Dakota is in the midst of an oil boom that has generated enormous wealth — and some big problems, too By Dan Stewart | October 19, 2013 More oil, more money, … Continue reading

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Absarokee: A 21st century Deadwood?

As you get into complicated political issues, you try to figure out what they really mean for the quality of life in an area. One of the comparisons I’ve often seen for Red Lodge is Williston, ND, at the heart … Continue reading

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