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Third edition of fracking compendium includes over 100 new studies on the risks of fracking

The third edition of the Compendium of Scientific \, Medical, and Media Findings Demonstrating Risks and Harms of Fracking was released this week. It is the third edition of the compendium released in the last fifteen months.

The reason is that there is now a flood of research on the subject. According to the report, over half of all peer-reviewed literature on the dangers of fracking has been published since January, 2014; the new edition includes over 100 new studies.

The results are compelling. We now have data on the risks of fracking to water, air, and human health that cannot be ignored by responsible lawmakers.

Click to read more and download the compendium. Continue reading

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Shhh. Bakken oil spill is on “confidential status”

Ho hum. Another day, another well blowout. Another 25,000 gallons of crude released in McKenzie County in the Bakken. Sure hope it doesn’t wind up in the Missouri River. Nobody hurt, and not much cause for worry. The land around … Continue reading

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A personal story: Jaime Frederick, Coitsville, Ohio

This personal story is one of a series on this blog chronicling the impact of the oil and gas boom on the lives of people all over North America. You can see other personal stories in our series by clicking here. … Continue reading

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We’re fracking in the dark. We need to know what we’ll find out when the light comes on.

We have frequently written about “unknown unknowns” — the long-term impacts of oil and gas drilling that we cannot anticipate. These include health impacts, water contamination, impacts on global warming, and so on. Drilling proponents often belittle these concerns, and … Continue reading

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Betting on 21-85-16. Playing lotto with our future

There’s a project being developed down in Louisiana that you probably don’t know about. It’s being put together by a company you’ve probably never heard of. Time to sit up and take notice, because the State of Louisiana is playing … Continue reading

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From time to time we talk about Donald Rumsfeld’s concept of “unknown unknowns,” the things we don’t know that we don’t know. When we look at oil and gas drilling in people’s back yards, which has become common since the … Continue reading

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A personal story: Steve and Jacki Schilke, Williston Basin, North Dakota

“I have gone from living in an agricultural community to living in an industrial area.”                               -Jacki Schilke Telling personal storiesThe oil and gas boom has … Continue reading

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