Location of the Belfry well permitted by MBOGC last week

Several people have asked about the exact location of the Hunt Creek 1-H well that the Montana Board of Oil and Gas Conservation (MBOGC) permitted last week. It took a little time to convert the MBOGC data (with some significant help from others), but I think I’ve got a pretty accurate location.

The location is near 22 S. Silvertip Road in Bridger (GPS coordinates 45.151858, -108.963424; marked with an “A” on the map in the link). Here’s a satellite map that will give you the location relative to Red Lodge and local roads. The well site is the lime green marker on the map:Hunt 1-H 22 Silvertip Road, BridgerThe green area just to the west of the site is BLM land, but this well site is on private property.

Here’s a closer look. The well location is marked with an oil well:ECA well2

And here’s a closeup, this time from the Montana Cadastral map. You can go to the site and manipulate this yourself to get all kinds of information about the property. Again, the actual well site is marked with an oil well:
ECA well3
Here’s a photo of the terrain in the area. This is not the exact site, but all I could get on Google maps was this photo off Dutch Lane, just about a quarter mile north at Silvertip Road.Hunt 1-H 22 Silvertip Road, Bridger_3

Last, here’s the BLM map of the area. The coordinates are 8 south, 23 east, section 7. If you look in section 7 in the upper left of the map, you can see Silvertip Road running through the yellow square of BLM land on the left of the section. The site is just south and east of the BLM area. You can also use these coordinates to locate the well precisely on the MBOGC Wellmapper.
BLM map_8s 23e section 7

If you have questions post them in the comments. If I can’t answer them, I’m hopeful others will be able to.

Update: A reader (see comments) has looked through the MBOGC web site and found three well locations in the Belfry area. She’s documented them on this map.

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The Moses family has lived on the Stillwater River since 1974, when George and Lucile Moses retired and moved to the Beehive from the Twin Cities. They’re gone now, but their four daughters (pictured at left, on the Beehive) and their families continue to spend time there, and have grown to love the area. This blog started as an email chain to keep the family informed about the threat of increased fracking activity in the area, but the desire to inform and get involved led to the creation of this blog.
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11 Responses to Location of the Belfry well permitted by MBOGC last week

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  2. Linda Helding says:

    The otter creek site is mainly located in a lowland — even though Arch Coal disagrees — it is against state rules and regs for mining to take place where water is close to the surface

  3. Thank you for the map. I also spent several hours researching the MBOG website, google maps, and Carbon County township maps and found the same locations. It appears there are three existing wells in the area – I’ve pinpointed all the wellsite information I found on this map:


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