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Learning Opportunity: Absarokee, Tuesday, May 21, 7pm

For the last six years local activists have focused on developing a responsible approach to oil and gas drilling in the rural West — places like Stillwater and Carbon County in Montana. Our argument has been that we need to act in advance of drilling to make sure that we are not overrun by heavy industry that is poorly regulated in Montana. We have struggled to work with local officials, who have not always been responsive to this approach.

Dr. Julia Haggerty, professor of geography at MSU, is an expert in this area. She has done extensive research on the communities of the West and how they respond to change. In her presentation, at the Absarokee Cobblestone School at 7pm on Tuesday, May 21, she will explore, using energy development as her subject, how local rural communities can cope with change that comes in an instant.

Come on out to learn and discuss this important issue with your neighbors.
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What does Australia know that Montana doesn’t?

Sometimes it’s useful to look at business practices¬†in other countries to see clear examples of how oil and gas policies in the US disempower property owners.. In Montana and throughout most of the West, most estates are split: surface rights … Continue reading

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Beartooths mixer draws packed crowd in Billings

Report from an attendee at the mixer in Billings last night: Nearly 100 supporters of the Beartooth Front packed the Fieldhouse Cafe in Billings on Thursday to protect the Beartooths against irresponsible oil and gas drilling. The event was sponsored … Continue reading

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A report issued yesterday by the federal Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration shows that there is yet another reason Montana residents should be concerned about the proposed expansion of drilling along the Beartooth Front. According to the report, more … Continue reading

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Fracking is Bad for Babies

As I wander around the Internet finding out what I can about oil and gas drilling, I run into an increasing amount of academic research that links fracking to a variety of health and environmental issues. As an example, a … Continue reading

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