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Silvertip landowners’ Supreme Court case receives boost from University of Montana amicus brief

Belfry landowners attempting to form the Silvertip Zone in Carbon County received a significant boost in their Montana Supreme Court case last week when the prestigious Natural Resources and Land Use Clinic at the University of Montana School of Law filed an amicus brief in the case.

The brief is worth a read. It is easily understandable for a non-attorney, and includes a thorough discussion of the history of zoning in Montana.

To read the brief, understand its importance to the case, and read other documents, click below.

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Comparing legal points of view on the Silvertip Zone; why the petitioners prevailed

I encourage you to read these documents yourself. The truth is not the sole province of lawyers. The arguments on each side could not be more clear. Read them and see for yourself why the Commissioners sided with the petitioners. Continue reading

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