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Billings Gazette Letter to the Editor: Pete Dronkers

The following letter to the editor appeared in the Billings Gazette on April 18. As the letter makes clear, ECA is just another company out to exploit oil reserves without concern for the impact they have on the local community. … Continue reading

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Guest post: Lessons learned from oil and gas drilling in Pennsylvania

One of the great things about writing this blog has been the opportunity to meet people from all over the US and beyond who are engaged in the same battle to preserve a way of life from uncontrolled oil and … Continue reading

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A Personal Story: Bob Deering, Pennsylvania. “Our Dream Has Become a Nightmare”

(T)he shale isn’t going anywhere, it has been there for hundreds of years. Why the rush? If technology had time to catch up, I think the drilling could be completed much more efficiently and have less environmental impact. -Bob Deering … Continue reading

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Announcing the first Rex Tillerson Fracking Hypocrite Award

The Rex Tillerson Fracking Hypocrite Award We here at Preserve the Beartooth Front are pleased to announce the first recipient of the Rex Tillerson Fracking Hypocrite Award. The Award is a 160-foot water tower, engraved with Rex Tillerson’s photo, delivered … Continue reading

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Energy Corporation of America: 70 more violations in West Virginia

Energy Corporation of America (ECA), which has promised to “bring the Bakken to the Beartooths,” has 70 more violations in West Virginia, according to a search of the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection website. This is in addition to the 66 inspections with violations, 90 … Continue reading

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