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New scientific study shows fracking is strongly related to infant mortality

A new scientific study published this week in the Journal of Environmental Protection shows, for the first time, a clear correlation between fracking and the death of newborn infants.

The study showed that infant deaths decreased by 2.4% across the state during the period of the fracking boom from 2007-2010. However, in the 82,558 births in the 10 most-fracked counties, there was a significant increase in mortality (238 vs. 193, a 23.3% increase). These results are statistically significant at a 95% level of confidence.

According to the authors, that means 50 babies died over three years because they happened to be born near a fracked well. Stunning.

What’s more, the greatest increases in death occurred in counties with the highest dependence on private water wells, and in the counties with the greatest number of operator violations of wastewater disposal regulations.

This is a very important study for rural Montanans in areas where fracking is likely. They depend on private wells for precious water, they live in a state that is lax in protecting landowners, and the company most likely to come in and drill is a serial polluter with a track record of violations in the very counties in Pennsylvania that were studied.

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Let’s put one of the oil industry’s great lies to rest once and for all: a list of 243 water wells contaminated by drilling activity in Pennsylvania

You’ll find this quote from former EPA administrator Lisa Jackson in pretty much every pro-drilling article ever written: “I’m not aware of any proven case where the fracking process itself has affected water.” If you’ve followed the EPA’s mishandling of … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with the Montana Board of Oil and Gas Conservation

The Montana Board of Oil and Gas Conservation (BOGC) is not serving the needs of the people of the state and is in need of substantive reform. The current BOGC model may have worked better back in history when mineral extraction … Continue reading

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A personal story: Bob and Lisa Parr, Wise County, Texas

Telling personal stories The oil and gas boom has been underway for a number of years in many locations across North America, and there are now a lot of stories about individuals and families whose lives have been personally affected. … Continue reading

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Billings Gazette Letter to the Editor: Pete Dronkers

The following letter to the editor appeared in the Billings Gazette on April 18. As the letter makes clear, ECA is just another company out to exploit oil reserves without concern for the impact they have on the local community. … Continue reading

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ECA Pennsylvania violations just the tip of the iceberg

You’ve read about Energy Corporation of America well violations in Pennsylvania. An analysis of data from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection shows that, since 2005, they’ve had 66 inspections with violations, 90 separate violations, and 55 enforcement actions, with fines … Continue reading

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Energy Corporation of America: 70 more violations in West Virginia

Energy Corporation of America (ECA), which has promised to “bring the Bakken to the Beartooths,” has 70 more violations in West Virginia, according to a search of the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection website. This is in addition to the 66 inspections with violations, 90 … Continue reading

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