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When North Dakota needed a new pipeline, they turned to the company that tainted Glendive’s water supply

Sometimes the news just makes you shake your head.

You probably remember Bridger Pipeline, LLC. They’re the company that operated the Poplar Pipeline. That’s the one that ruptured last January, sending 40,000 gallons of Bakken crude into the Yellowstone River, tainting Glendive’s water supply.

So when the North Dakota Public Service Commission needed a company to build a new pipeline, a key piece of infrastructure that will stretch 15 mines across Billings and Stark Counties, one that will transport 125,000 barrels per day and connect to an existing pipeline leading to Baker, Montana, who do you think they chose?

You already know the answer. Click to read more.

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Stillwater County News Guest Opinion: Dave Grimland

Why should Montana be helping the economy of Canada and oil companies located elsewhere? Why should we endanger Montana’s water and land resources for the sake of only limited (and inadequate) short-term gains? Continue reading

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Poplar Pipeline spill another reminder that we need to keep fighting for the long-term sustainability of our communities

The Poplar Pipeline spill Last Saturday’s massive pipeline break and oil spill in the Poplar Pipeline near Glendive is a disaster that has leaked carcinogens into the Yellowstone River and left Glendive’s residents without water. It is another in a … Continue reading

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