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The Yellowstone River closing: this is what climate change looks like

A microscopic parasite is destroying the fish population of the Yellowstone River system, causing Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) to take the extraordinary step of closing a 183-mile stretch of the Yellowstone and its tributaries to all water-based recreation (fishing, wading, floating, tubing, boating). The closure affects the river from Gardiner, at the north end of Yellowstone Park, to Laurel, and includes the Stillwater River.

Why such a huge outbreak, and why now?

There are those in Montana who will say that this is an unfortunate chance outbreak of this disease, but it isn’t. This is what climate change looks like. It means that, as the conditions that promote diseases like PKD proliferate, so will outbreaks of the disease.

For those of us concerned about the future of this region it is a reminder that we need to guard against activities that can threaten our water. This includes oil and gas drilling, but many other activities as well. As Governor Bullock says, “We must be guided by science.”

The science is clear.

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Stillwater County residents: public meeting on Stillwater River Road closure this Thursday

There will be a public meeting to discuss the Stillwater River Road closure at the Nye Fire Hall on Thursday, July 30 at 6:30pm. All three Stillwater County Commissioners are expected to be in attendance. Stillwater River Road was closed … Continue reading

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Stillwater River rock slide reminds us of the dangers of drilling

There was a rock slide out our way on the Stillwater River last week. It blocked Stillwater River Road at Midnight Canyon, and probably will for a while, so traffic to Absarokee will have to take the long way around … Continue reading

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Video: Preserve the Beartooth Front

This video really struck a chord with me. It was created by a young woman named Starr Brainard, who grew up in St. Paul and is now a student at American University. Her family has vacationed in the Beartooth area … Continue reading

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