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Do mineral rights have anything to do with citizen initiated zones in Montana?

While the Stillwater County Commissioners have conceded that zoning petitioners have met the minimum threshold of 60% of landowners in the proposed district, they are now questioning whether the holders of mineral rights in the district should be included in the petitioning process.

By my research, there are at least 110 citizen initiated zones that have been enacted under the law enabling citizens to petition for zoning, and it appears that not a single one required the signatures of mineral owners.

Why is this an issue now? Continue reading

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Stillwater County residents: public meeting on Stillwater River Road closure this Thursday

There will be a public meeting to discuss the Stillwater River Road closure at the Nye Fire Hall on Thursday, July 30 at 6:30pm. All three Stillwater County Commissioners are expected to be in attendance. Stillwater River Road was closed … Continue reading

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Important update: Lease of BLM parcel near Dean

Today we have better news on the drilling front. You’ll recall that in April, working with Northern Plains Resource Council and Stillwater Protective Association, we posted an action alert regarding the lease of a BLM parcel in Dean. It was … Continue reading

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Action Alert: Public comment period on BLM oil and gas lease sale in Stillwater County ends April 9

If you’re in Stillwater County you may be aware of a comments period on a federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) lease sale that ends tomorrow, April 9. The purpose of this post is to familiarize you with the BLM … Continue reading

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Video: Living with the Wild West Oil Boom

Every resident of Carbon and Stillwater Counties should watch this 30 minute video. It was created by the Dakota Resource Council. It’s one thing to read the news accounts of what the oil and gas boom has done to communities … Continue reading

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New study on fracking provides key lessons for local action

A newly released study on national attitudes toward fracking received a lot of coverage in the press, but newspapers don’t have the space or staff to go very deep into analysis. They reported only the top line information on the … Continue reading

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Video: The real cost of fracking

We’ve talked quite a bit about the impact of hydraulic fracturing on the environment and quality of life in the Bakken in North Dakota, but the Guardian today published Fracking hell: what it’s really like to live next to a … Continue reading

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