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New study: Women living near fracked wells have increased likelihood of high-risk pregnancies, pre-term births

A new study in Pennsylvania shows that expectant mothers who live near active natural gas wells are at an increased risk of giving birth prematurely and of having high-risk pregnancies.

This study is one of the first results of a remarkable new partnership that we told you about last November. This partnership promises to cut through the secrecy and legal protections that the oil and gas industry enjoys by employing technology, science, and the collaboration of creative scientists and citizen activists all over the world.

Brian Schwartz, lead research in the study, says, “The growth in the fracking industry has gotten way out ahead of our ability to assess what the environmental and, just as importantly, public health impacts are,…The first few studies have all shown health impacts. Policymakers need to consider findings like these in thinking about how they allow this industry to go forward.”

These findings directly relate to local regulation proposed by landowners in Stillwater and Carbon counties along the Beartooth Front. The regulations address the issues raised by the study as possible causes of adverse health outcomes. Those regulations are just common sense, and should be supported. Continue reading

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Another oil and gas commission ignores citizen rights (with video)

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. The Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission proposed an injection well in Sioux County to dispose of wastewater from oil exploration. This wasn’t wastewater from local oil activity. This was an out-of-state … Continue reading

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Finding the truth about the health impacts of drilling in the Information Age: a remarkable new study

We are coming closer to a “smoking gun” that ties fracking to negative health outcomes. It will take time — the Shale Revolution is only ten years old and the health impacts will take years to reveal themselves, and the … Continue reading

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Article in The Local Rag uses half-truths, lies and plain stupidity to promote oil drilling

I’m reluctant to use this word when describing the writings of others, because I’m sure it applies to mine from time to time, but this is just a stupid misunderstanding of the process. Continue reading

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Mayflies, wastewater and the health of our natural water sources

The life of the mayfly is one of nature’s amazing stories. They spend their first three years under water in the larval stage, and then emerge for a quick but eventful run as adults, with wings and reproductive organs but … Continue reading

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