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Learning opportunity: Health impacts of fracking

I want to make you aware of what looks like a terrific learning opportunity available on November 4 at Noon Mountain time. Three experts will be describing the state of the science on the health implications of fracking. The event … Continue reading

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A personal story: Jaime Frederick, Coitsville, Ohio

This personal story is one of a series on this blog chronicling the impact of the oil and gas boom on the lives of people all over North America. You can see other personal stories in our series by clicking here. … Continue reading

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We’re fracking in the dark. We need to know what we’ll find out when the light comes on.

We have frequently written about “unknown unknowns” — the long-term impacts of oil and gas drilling that we cannot anticipate. These include health impacts, water contamination, impacts on global warming, and so on. Drilling proponents often belittle these concerns, and … Continue reading

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A personal story: Steve and Jacki Schilke, Williston Basin, North Dakota

“I have gone from living in an agricultural community to living in an industrial area.”                               -Jacki Schilke Telling personal storiesThe oil and gas boom has … Continue reading

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Fracking is Bad for Babies

As I wander around the Internet finding out what I can about oil and gas drilling, I run into an increasing amount of academic research that links fracking to a variety of health and environmental issues. As an example, a … Continue reading

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