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From Jimmy Kimmel: Kids explain climate change to Donald Trump (video)

It’s been cold this week in Montana, with wind chills down to -40°. Cold enough for mail service to be suspended in the eastern part of the state.

Leave it to the President, who has called climate change a hoax perpetrated by China (and worse), to completely misrepresent what this means in public statements and tweets. Trump clearly misunderstands the science behind global warming, and once again makes the classic error of confusing weather and climate.

I was going to explain this myself, but I think these kids do it much more clearly than I possibly could have. From the Jimmy Kimmel show:

Click to watch the video. Continue reading

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Editorial: Fracking bill sets dangerous precedent (with video)

With the news that Texas Governor Greg Abbott is about to sign HB40, a “ban of bans” that will prohibit local communities in that state from enacting oil and gas drilling ordinances, it’s exciting to see that  the fight hasn’t … Continue reading

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Video from Carbon County Commissioners meeting, December 15, 2014

Here is the video from yesterday’s Carbon County Commissioners meeting. I’ll have some comments later, but here it is for those eager to see it.

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How a small town changed fracking in New York state, a powerful video

Dryden: The small town that changed the fracking game Status of bans/moratoria in New York      (click to enlarge) Yesterday we told the personal story of Helen Slottje, who took on the oil and gas industry in New York, and whose … Continue reading

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Two videos illustrate the conflict between fracking and a rural way of life

Today we have two videos that provide sobering food for thought. The two together run 37 minutes, and watching them will provide important perspective on how oil and gas drilling transforms the lives of rural communities. The first video is one … Continue reading

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Video: Living with the Wild West Oil Boom

Every resident of Carbon and Stillwater Counties should watch this 30 minute video. It was created by the Dakota Resource Council. It’s one thing to read the news accounts of what the oil and gas boom has done to communities … Continue reading

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