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What’s wrong with the Montana Board of Oil and Gas Conservation

The Montana Board of Oil and Gas Conservation (BOGC) is not serving the needs of the people of the state and is in need of substantive reform. The current BOGC model may have worked better back in history when mineral extraction … Continue reading

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Involuntary pooling: another way oil and gas companies take away your property rights

One of the consistent themes on this blog has been the ways in which uncontrolled oil and gas drilling takes away the rights of property owners. It threatens water supplies, creates noise, traffic and dust for which owners receive no compensation; … Continue reading

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One myth about oil and gas drilling is that it creates riches in a community in the form of increased property values. “With all the new jobs,” the industry says, “buyers will be falling all over themselves to buy your … Continue reading

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A personal story: Tim and Christine Ruggiero, Wise County, Texas

“Surface right owners are a mere nuisance and are expendable.”          . -Christine Ruggiano Telling personal stories The oil and gas boom has been underway for a number of years in many locations across the country, and there are now a … Continue reading

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