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Shhh. Bakken oil spill is on “confidential status”

Ho hum. Another day, another well blowout. Another 25,000 gallons of crude released in McKenzie County in the Bakken. Sure hope it doesn’t wind up in the Missouri River. Nobody hurt, and not much cause for worry. The land around … Continue reading

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Sidney, Montana: Riding the boomtown roller coaster (with NPR audio)

Sidney, Montana is riding the boomtown roller coaster. Last year we reported on Sidney’s unmet infrastructure needs as the town was  riding the upwards Bakken boom. Growth had taxed the city’s infrastructure to bursting. A summary from a Montana Public … Continue reading

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Rachel Maddow: North Dakota oil train safeguards too little too late

By now you’ve probably read about the latest railway disaster involving crude oil transported out of the Bakken. A train carrying more than 100 tankers of crude oil derailed during a snowstorm in southern West Virginia on Monday, sending at … Continue reading

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Academy Award nominee “White Earth,” a story of the Bakken told through the eyes of children

J. Christian Jensen was so certain his short documentary White Earth wouldn’t be selected for an Academy Award nomination, he didn’t even wake up to see the awards nomination announcement on the morning of January 15. But his film, a … Continue reading

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Oil prices continue to fall: why it is happening and what it means

Cheap gas The price of gas continues to fall. Three weeks ago I noted that gas was at $2.99 in Colum- bus and Red Lodge, and speculated on what falling oil prices might mean to oil drilling along the Beartooth … Continue reading

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Local journalists elevate storytelling to high art in chronicling Bakken

Last June four Montana journalists set off for the Bakken region to do in depth coverage of the past, present and future of the region. Their goal, in what they have called The High Plains Heritage Project, is to produce a full documentary by … Continue reading

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Update: New information on railway safety (with video)

Today we have an update from previous posts on railway safety issues associated with oil transport, and have a look at new information on trends in this area. On June 18 the web site Politico provided an analysis of federal … Continue reading

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Who pays for infrastructure? You do. The case of Sidney, Montana

Yesterday’s post was about infrastructure, roads and taxes. The basic argument was: Infrastructure costs go up as oil and gas drilling expands. Because the benefits or drilling — corporate profits, jobs, increase in the supply of oil — are distributed … Continue reading

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A personal story: Michelle Thomas, Williston, North Dakota

“A lot of single people are having difficulty.” -Michelle Thomas Telling personal storiesThe oil and gas boom has been underway for a number of years in many locations across North America, and there are now a lot of stories about … Continue reading

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Last week we reported on the Halliburton Loophole to the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974. It’s the law that Dick Cheney engineered in 2005 that enables the oil and gas industry to keep from telling us what chemicals they use in fracking … Continue reading

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